English Language: A necessity in today’s World

Now  a days almost every country has introduced Licensure Examinations or viva ( interviews) as a mandatory qualification for Healthcare professionals to work within their country. Quiet a large number of candidates fail to succeed in these examinations. In addition, they spent a huge amount of money as part of the preparations for the same.

There can be a lot of reasons as to why you fail – lack of in depth knowledge on the subject, lack of proper preparation, lack of concentration, lack of confidence and so on.

But, from the analytical study that we conducted throughout the Gulf among candidates from India, we came to the conclusion that 50% to 65% of them failed due to poor knowledge in the English language.

But, do not worry, there are ways in which the issue can be operated right. Operations naturally are not easy rather quiet painful, but when done rightly they bring out the best results.

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How does poor language skills affect you ???

Poor language skills will definitely affect our professional life beyond our imagination. Nowadays, being in a multinational environment, like that in the Middle-East, all of the internal correspondence, meetings, transactions are carried out in English. It will affect our level of confidence, thus diminishing us within our profession.

But there no problems without solutions. Hence with proper methodologies we can easily overcome this shortcoming as well. Ultimately, language is a medium of communication, that helps us exchange our ideas, emotions etc.

Ideas, emotions are all present within us, but how we deliver it do matter. Currently, if you are capable of delivering your ideas with a 50% to 60% efficiency, do not stop there, rather go for that 100% efficiency. This is because in the modern world how we present ourselves is very important.

When it comes to qualifying examinations, especially the objective ones, there might be various options that might seem similar to you, but the trick lies in choosing the right one. This is where your language efficiency comes handy.

Even during interviews, how you convey your ideas about the subject is very important.learning

How you can achieve the English Language efficiency you need ???

Now the question, How can I ??? arises. The answer to that is very simple – constant practice and hard-work along with some amount of smart work.

  • The best method to ace any language is to try using the language as a medium while doing activities that you are passionate about. For example, if you are an interested movie watcher, try switching to English movies along with your regional language subtitles (if required for better understanding).
  • Newspapers are a very good means for language learning. Compare English newspapers with the regional ones or vice-versa.
  • Spend time in reading English books and their translations within your regional language or try reading the English translations of your favorite novels or regional language books.
  • Try watching English news channels, that will help boost your analytical ability by being in the listeners end.
  • Writing will also help you streams your  ideas, that will help create a greater sense of the language. Maintain a journal, to pour out your thoughts that will help improve your language skills.

As the saying goes “ Practice makes us perfect”, keep trying, the results will be soon visible. If done rightly you will be able to ace the English Language in the most cost efficient way possible. Start off early. Make language learning a fun habit, not a burden. Look at the future and smile because you are going to be a conqueror.

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  1. Joseph abraham

    Really it is correct ..language problem affects asians.so suggestions are seems excellent..
    Routine daily work can improve.thans to the Author


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