Life-Style Benefits Of Nurses In Middle-East

Our world is full of opportunities. A great career is all about seizing the right opportunities.

As far as a vast country like India is considered, a lot of qualified nurses come out every year from the large number of Nursing schools and universities spread across the region. They spent a lot of money and effort to secure degrees or diplomas to furnish their dreams and expectations.
A great number of India nurses are working all around the World. This is one of the major attractions that pull students, especially, female students to this particular career choice.

But in reality the overall demand is present only upto a very limited percentage, only a few are able to seize this opportunity. This does not mean that those who do not get the opportunity are any less efficient or less capable.

Middle-East offers a great sea of opportunities, as a professional my suggestion would be to grab any opportunity that comes from here. WHY??? The reasons are plenty, but I will mention a few of them here:

  • In the Middle-East the procedures for getting visa and placement are quiet easy in comparison to European, Western countries and Australia.
  • If you are thinking of developing your Health-care career on the side of the world, then there is no other better place to start with than the Gulf.
  • We have a lot of professional large, medium & small sized Hospitals, Medical Centers and Clinics here, with most of them showing great interests in hiring Indian Nurses.
  • You also get an excellent opportunity to learn from and interact with people from different nationalities.
  • A clean and calm atmosphere with a very supportive environment. You will get an excellent opportunity to work with European based educated Doctors and other medical professionals. You will also have a take on how professionalism is being carried out that can be accumulated to help build a good career

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There is a reason as to why Airlines have their stops here in Middle-East, it is the Gateway to the World.

In addition to all this, take advantage of the tax free earnings and extended paid annual leave to your home country.

Exploring Oman

Oman, or Sultanate of Oman, is an Arab country on the South-east coast of the Arabian peninsula in Western Asia.
Oman is a relatively safe country with very few cases of serious crimes. The Royal Oman Police being notably efficient and their efforts worth appreciating in maintaining the peace.

Oman transformed itself from a developing country to a developed one over the past 40 years.Sultan Qaboos Bin Said has ruled this country since 1970 and his Government has focused on the economy’s development.

Oman’s infrastructural development is an ongoing process, roads, airports, sea shore, parks, shopping malls are all in check with the international standards. Entertainment, cinemas and other recreational facilities are available in plenty. The country boasts some of the the most modernized airports connecting cities all around the world.


Healthcare facilities in Oman:

A fair number of hospitals and 900+ medical centers and clinics are spread all over Oman. A lot of vacancies are opening up especially for Indian nurses.

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When it comes to financial benefits , there are excellent salary packages available inclusive of all benefits, as of now there are no professional taxes or VAT or income taxes, providing better savings possibilities along with excellent working environment.

For international entry it is the best suggestible country for Indian nurses as well as other medical professionals.

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