Finding Jobs through Social Media

It might be true that you are an excellent Job Searcher, you may have tried various methods in terms of enhancing your resumes, cover letters, interviews and so on. But, in today’s vastly expanding globalized world, these methods play only a tiny niche. Times have changed, so have methodologies. This is the time of the rising media called the “Social Media”.

As per the modern technical world your knowledge of  the Job Market is insufficient. The most modern technique for searching jobs is the Social Media. Most of us know how to use Social Media in our personal lives, but when it comes to job search the scenario is different. Latest innovative research shows that 90% of the companies are using social media as a platform for hiring and that 4 out of 5 hiring managers will check out a candidate’s social profile.

So here, we will try to get you a few excellent tips to make searching jobs easier.

  • Firstly, begin by making all the details within your social profile neat and clean. Make sure that you give out a very professional and innovative vibe to the world out there. Take care while sharing politically divisive articles that may be considered offensive, because you do not want to give away a bad first impression.
  • Avoid going around creating accounts in every platform out there. Create a few and maintain it on a regular basis. Make sure that your accounts are updates and well-crafted. It is recommended that you maintain a maximum of 3 different platforms which includes the most trending -> LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter…
  • To make your profile more professional, avoid using nicknames or partial names. Always go with official names, that will increase your authenticity and professionalism.
  • Professional Image: Your social media should reflect your professionalism. When a person goes through your account, he/she should see  a neat, simple and friendly approach. It should be attractive to the person within your industry and in a manner which is influential to the  employer’s standard.
  • Branding: Personal branding plays a very vital role. Try to make a brand for yourself in the social media. A brief clarification about your merits and outlooks, objectives with unique features that will make you stand out in the crowd.
  • Mention about your Social Media profiles within your CV. You can mention your social media profiles in detail within your CV, so that employers can get a quick look at your outlook, the person you are. It is an added advantage and it will increase your value in the job market.
  • Avoid using the social media to carry out professional communications. You can mention about your social media profiles within your job search materials, but avoid using it to carry out your job search communications. The ultimate aim here is to create a unique brand for yourself.
  • Setting up your LinkedIn profile: A very few people maintain an updated LinkedIn profile. In order to keep in tract with your LinkedIn profile you ought to do some planning on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Daily : Interact with your homepage feed. Check it for the latest feeds on a regular basis.

Weekly: Post something on a weekly basis. If you attended a seminar, professional meeting, write a quick update or review on what you enjoyed. If you read or come across something interesting related to your industry, post it.

Monthly: Update your profile. You can update with new Job responsibilities, your achievements within your profession. It will help others see your updated qualifications, thus recruiters and hiring managers scrolling through LinkedIn in search of candidates will get a better idea about you.

Add new contacts: Make new contacts, spend some time on a day to day basis to send new invitations to meet new people, thus expanding your network.

Contribute to a couple of groups: Groups in LinkedIn are a great way to interact with people and professionals with the same interests and objectives. Contributing to larger better known groups could help build your career.

” Trust in your abilities, let it reflect in your profiles, create a unique brand for yourself that in itself will talk multitudes about you and help create your own space in this largely expanding world of social media. “

“Stand out and let the world recognize you.” 

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