Trends in the Demand for Professionals in Middle-East

If you are a professional with experience in the Middle-East, having good knowledge in Arabic, skilled and experienced in certain industries plus having IT skills !!!
Based on the recent findings released by Recruitment Specialist Robert Walters in their latest Salary Survey 2018, you are the ones with greater scope in the Gulf.

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If you are the right person or rather think you have got enough skills then tighten your griddles.

According to the firm, the present scenario is highly challenging, but sooner there will be continuing opportunities for candidates across various fields including Accounting & Finance, Banking, Financial Services, Information Technology, Legal and Sales etc.

Candidates who are experts in Taxation, Accounting, Resource Planning (ERP), Merger & Acquisitions will have greater chances than others.


Accounting & Finance Professionals

For accounting and finance professionals there will be hiring mostly to the Junior and Mid-Level roles. Across a wide range of sectors including Tax Specialists and qualified Accountants with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) knowledge will have continuously rising demands. In addition, there will be an added advantage if you can speak Arabic efficiently.

Construction, Manufacturing and Real-Estate industries are also on a look-out for these candidates.

As professionals, keep monitoring vacancies with the Oil & Gas and Retail sectors, as these sectors will see an increase in hiring thus generating greater demand for Financial Professionals.

Are you a Tech-Savvy???

Then your demand is up more as companies prepare for the World Expo 2020 to be hosted by Dubai. Also, as organizations are encouraged to undergo digital transformation, companies across the region are increasingly coming to regard it as an integral part of their business, which could add significant advantage.

So, IT Professionals, it’s your opportunity in the coming days, as demand for IT Professionals grow as companies embrace technology with the inclusion of major digital transformation and infrastructure projects as well as the preparations for the World Expo 2020.

Legal Professionals

If you fall under this category, your opportunities can start opening by this year, especially in large companies.

Robert Walters cautions that there will be relocations by certain professionals due to flat economy, introduction of VAT and stagnant salary. This will create higher demands for Top Tier Professionals.

This will be an opportunity for candidates who are likely to take a shrewd approach to changing roles in 2018, preferring Law firms with a strong chain of work rather than riskier roles with higher salaries.

Marketing & Sales Professionals

If you are a Marketing / Sales professional, this year is positive for you.

Companies are now showing greater interest in expanding their workforce. Overall as the candidate pool remain large professionals with excellent skills and experience are still challenging to source, particularly at the senior level.

Professionals can combine their skills with fluency in Arabic that will be highly sought after.

If you are working in the Sales sector, do not despair, vacancies are opening up. If you are a person with regional experience and outstanding track record, opportunities are available.

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Presently, there is favorable condition awaiting professionals in these sectors with excellent qualifications and regional experience along with IT skills. With a fluctuating market and varying demands by the companies we need to be on a look-out for the latest trends within our niche in the Job Market.

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  1. Johncy

    Of course.the article a gud direction for those waiting for an opportunity in middle east .particularly Dubai…gulf returned guys it’s gives hope Nd optimism.


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