Living abroad in a country unknown to us can be quite frightening, especially for first time travelers.

How do I get accustomed to the place, where do I stay, what about the language and culture, how are the locals??? These are the most frequently asked questions that will haunt most of us. There are also adventure seekers who will take up all these unknowns for a great adventure and navigate their way through. But a majority would always like to know what they are getting into (I too belong in this category).

So let me try to calm you down, by showing what it is like to be living in Oman.

Anyone who is looking forward to a relaxing and peaceful life, will fall in love with this beautiful country positioned at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, on the south-eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula.


Sultanate of Oman, is a developed nation with a largely noticeable expat population. One of the most attractive destination for job-seekers. It stands as the most expat friendly country in the Gulf region. Oman offers one of the safest and most stable living environment. With its affordable accommodations and high standards of living, Oman offers a paradise for anyone looking forward to move in here.

When moving abroad to start a new career, there is no better place like Oman to start having a good savings with its high salaries and low taxes. Moreover, the Cost of Living in Oman is low in comparison to the other Gulf countries with no compromise in Quality.

Since expats are not allowed to own properties (with certain exceptions in the long term), you will have no choice but to rent. There are a wide range of big and small villas and apartments available in affordable price range.

With its beautifully planned cities and well-constructed roads, one of Oman’s greatest asset is its excellent Infrastructure.

Oman holds tightly to its culture and customs, we are also obliged to respect them. The Omani locals are one of the friendliest group of people (talking from experience). The locals are accustomed to foreigners and treat them with great hospitality. Expats have reported feeling more comfortable in Oman in comparison to many other countries in the Middle-East.

If you are a parent your very next concern would be regarding your Children’s education. Do not worry… There are several Private International Schools all over the country providing various curriculum (CBSE, IB, O Level…) with state-of-the-art facilities.

Oman’s economy is dependent majorly on the Oil & Gas industry, in addition Tourism, Agriculture and other Service industries are encouraged in the present day, keeping in mind that Oil reserves aren’t unlimited.

With its developing infrastructure and vastly expanding population requiring more and more, medical services, education etc… there is the necessity for greater workforce to cope with the rising demands. Hence, there lies great opportunities for you here in the Sultanate.

If you are planning on moving to Oman, here is a place that will offer you a paradise with its Geographical wonders, cultural heritage, wonderful people, stable, safe and high standard of living.

All the best to finding your Dream Career Path!!!

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  1. Lorraine Paton

    Hospitality not hostility. Bad mistake means the exact opposite and those of us lucky enough to live in Oman know how lovely the Omani people are.

    1. CJ50 Author

      Thank You for pointing it out. A silly typo. They are a bunch of excellent people. The main highlight of living in Oman is how friendly the locals are..


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